Week 7: Reflection

Some challenges I found while making my drawing was the Mark making of the ink. I attempted diluting the ink to make it less harsh but was unsuccessful. Something that I did that helped was refer black to the zoom video on Friday and use the same method that was being taught which was using the leftover ink to make lighter ranges of value. That decision of using the leftover ink helped me understand how to use the positive space of my drawing. I did take risks, towards the end of my drawing I wanted to fill in the negative space some more so I decided to grab a fork for contrast. I absolutely think it paid off, I think it made the background look more realistic and fit together as though it was a wood panel. Some helpful comments from the critique that I took away was the different light sources that I had in my environment while drawing my art. I noticed it wasn’t so obvious where it was coming from. There was no direct indication of the light that was present in the room. What I would’ve done differently in this drawing is probably focus on a light source to make the image more easy to identify with light. I wouldn’t have done much else differently because I was very surprised with the way it came to be. I could attempt to fill the background a bit more by adding symmetry instead of random makings around the page to add some balance to the objects that are already randomly placed.