About The Cyber Humanities Guild


To demand better from our technology and from ourselves by empowering the humanities and leveraging technology to build thoughtful solutions and educate wise professionals without technical knowledge.


While the objectives are listed in order of precedence, all of these objectives are deemed essential to the activities of our club. Order is simply determined to resolve issues where two objectives come into conflict.

  1. To provide a forum for members to discuss issues and applications of technology
  2. To build technology solutions that leverage insights from the humanities and adhere to humane design principles
  3. To train our members in the use of technology and practices of the humanities.
  4. To improve and encourage collaboration between the humanities, business, and technical studies
  5. To recruit new members and educate the general public on the importance of humane design in technology.
  6. To consult on outside projects to encourage the use of humane design practices.


The current version of the constitution can be found in the following location:


It is useful to go over for technical details about how the organization is run, and all officers should be familiar with this document and able to answer questions about it. Otherwise, review it on an as-needed basis.