What’s New in Top Hat (APRIL/MAY 2018)

Release Notes: April 2018May 2018

  • A new Tournament mode is in beta – we can help you get in touch with Top Hat to have it enabled!
  • The course lobby received a visual and usability update.
  • There is now a new Page Editor with an enhanced toolset, including quick discussions and knowledge check questions! This makes Pages in Top Hat a good option for out-of-class practice opportunities and assignments. We’d love to work with you on ideas, implementations, etc..
  • Numeric questions receives a beta feature where you can specify the number of significant figures that’s accepted – we can help you get in touch with Top Hat to have it enabled!
  • Instructors can now see the Top Hat – Canvas gradebook sync history.
  • iOS App
    • An issue with submitting responses with the iOS app has been resolved – please update to the latest version in the App Store.
    • An issue with the app crashing for students when instructors assign / present multiple items at once has been resolved.

In addition to the updates, we want to bring you attention to the following features:

  • Secure Attendance (beta): This feature is available on web, iOS, and Android – it uses the students’ devices to help determine where they are and if they are in proximity with each other. This feature can be enabled under Settings – Secure Attendance Options.
  • Group Questions (beta): This feature can be enabled by Top Hat support. Once enabled, you can put students into groups and assign questions to groups – each student can submit a response, with the final submission of a group being locked in as the group’s submission.

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