End of Semester is Approaching! Tips on Calculating Final Grades

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has provided a in-depth guide on getting your students’ final grades ready.

Some commonly asked questions here at the CVM include:

  • What do the icons in my gradebook cells mean? It means that there are be items that you still need to grade;¬†for example, using the SpeedGrader.
  • What do I do with blank cells in my gradebook? Don’t leave them blank!
    • If a student should receive 0 for a missed assignment, you should put 0 in the cell.
    • If a student has a valid excuse for missing an assignment, you should put EX in the cell.
  • How can I give students extra credits? The guide covers several scenarios as well as solutions. Both Teaching and Learning as well as PPS would be glad to help.
  • I have grades in Top Hat that should count toward the students’ final grades … how do I go about that? Please contact Teaching and Learning. If we helped you set your Top Hat course up, we should be able to help you easily sync those grades from Top Hat to Canvas.

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