Ed Tech Q&A for Students (9/8/2017)

Q: I am not seeing a course that I’m enrolled in on the Carmen landing page.

A: Some individuals’ Carmen landing page may be experiencing issues synchronizing enrollments from the Student Information System (SIS). If you are not seeing courses that you are enrolled in, please try the following:

  • Click the “CarmenCanvas Dashboard” link at the right side of the Carmen landing page. This will take you directly into CarmenCanvas to the Dashboard page, on which you can access the courses that you are currently enrolled in.
  • To fix the issue, please contact the main campus IT help desk via 8-HELP (688-4357) or carmen@osu.edu.

Q: In Carmen, how do I submit an online assignment?

A: Canvas Guides provides a series of excellent resources:

As always, it is your responsibility to confirm that your assignment has been successfully submitted prior to the deadline.

Q: How do I turn off auto-correct/auto-capitalization/etc. on my iPad for an ExamSoft exam?

A: You can adjust keyboard settings under Settings –> General –> Keyboard. (More Information)

Q: How can I tell how well I need to do in my course in order to get a/an [letter grade]?

A: On the Grades page, you are able to not only view your current grades, but also enter “What-If Grades” to approximate your final grades. Please also be mindful of the “Calculate based only on graded assignments” checkbox, as the final grades shown with this particular feature enabled may be inflated.

For more information:

Q: Lecture captures are not playing on some computers!

A: Currently, lecture capture videos are served to PCs/Laptops in Adobe Flash format. Since Adobe Flash is set to be retired in 2020, major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have begun to disable Flash by default. Due to security concerns related to the plugin, we recommend that you enable Flash on a site-by-site basis, and only if absolutely needed:

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