Ed Tech Q&A for Students (9/1/2017)

Q: I’m new to OSU! Where can I get additional training for Carmen?

A: The Office of Distance Education and eLearning provides a wonderful Start of Term Checklist, which lists various resources from which you can get more information regarding using Carmen. You are also welcome to email us at CVMOTL@osu.edu and/or stop by VMC 0076A for help.

Q: In Carmen, how can I check to see that I have answered all quiz questions before I submit?

A: In both the web and the mobile versions, Carmen provides you with a list of quiz questions which indicates which questions you have answered, and which you have not. You can also use this list of flag any questions that you would like to skip for now and revisit later. (More information for web, mobile app). Carmen also seeks additional confirmation if you try to submit a quiz with unanswered questions. Please note your unfinished attempts will be automatically submitted when the time is up in a timed quiz, or when the quiz is closed. It is always a good practice and your responsibility to check whether you have answered all questions before submission.

Q: Lecture captures are not playing on some computers

A: Currently, lecture capture videos are served to PCs/Laptops in Adobe Flash format. Since Adobe Flash is set to be retired in 2020, major browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have begun to disable Flash by default. Due to security concerns related to the plugin, we recommend that you enable Flash on a site-by-site basis, and only if absolutely needed:

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