Advice to Students for Start of Semester

  • Use class time as study time and what was formerly study time as self-testing time. At the end of the day, test yourself over content that was presented in lecture. On weekends, review the previous week’s content. 20 to 30 minutes of self-testing time is optimum, then break.
  • Use targeted lecture capture review that involves conscientiously documenting the time into a lecture and the material that may be challenging/important/unclear.
  • Don’t rewrite notes verbatim. Think about “generative” note taking, or taking notes using your own words and methods of summarizing material. Want to really know more about note taking? Check out this document from the Harvard Initiative for Teaching and Learning.
  • Practice writing test questions for each lecture. (Do them in multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank form, depending on instructor.) Work in a group to share different questions.
  • Review notes or notecards then put them away and attempt to recall material on your own. (Research shows this to be highly effective.)
  • When reviewing notes, “chunk” the material, read through it, put it away and tell yourself a story about how that might affect/be relevant to a case or patient.
  • Use a learning journal before you go to bed to think about how to solve particular problems and what went well during the day’s lectures.

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