Incorporate Interactivity Into Your Courses Using Top Hat

Top Hat is fast, simple to use, and great for implementing quick participation and knowledge checks during your face-to-face class time. Top Hat is CVM’s only classroom response system for academic courses, as Teaching and Learning no longer supports the old TurningPoint clickers. 

(Watch this short video to find out more about Top Hat.)

You may have heard that you need to load your PowerPoint into Top Hat, but that is only one of the options! Using the Top Hat desktop application, you open Top Hat alongside your PowerPoint presentation without uploading it at all.

If you like that option, here’s what you can do to get started:

  • Each CarmenCanvas course can only be synchronized with one Top Hat course; please check with your team leaders to see if you already have a Top Hat course!
  • Contact Office of Teaching and Learning. We will help you create a semester Top Hat course, synchronize your student roster, and get you started with creating content and activities.
  • If you use Top Hat to give grades to students, we can also help you with synchronizing grades from Top Hat back to CarmenCanvas.

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