Making an Impact @ CVM: Making Learning Affordable and Accessible

Aligned with President Drake’s 2020 Vision, Ohio State’s Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) “helps educators take ownership of their course content and find creative solutions to promote student savings. This includes re-imagining the textbook, encouraging innovation, and empowering faculty through grants and training to adopt, adapt, create and share open educational resources, effectively utilize library resources, and create high-quality digital materials.”

The Office of Teaching and Learning’s Instructional Designer Jay Hsaio has been working with Drs. Ryan Jennings and Chris Premanandan from the college’s Department of Biological Sciences on an ALX grant they received this academic year.

Jennings and Premanadan are writing a digital histology textbook that will be used in CVM’s introductory histology course. Some project goals include:

  • Mitigating out-of-pocket costs to students by replacing the current textbook.
  • Replacing human-specific content, and instead covering the spectrum of anatomic inter-species differences that are fundamental to a veterinarian’s medical training.
  • Providing comprehensive and extensive digital materials and quizzes that are readily accessible to students outside the classroom.

Watch the video below to find out more about ALX and the project. The Office of Teaching and Learning will also provide updates as the project progresses.

Have a great idea? The ALX RFP is now open, and will remain open over through the summer. Follow this link to find out more about the FTP, and feel free to contact Teaching and Learning for consultation. We would love to support another wonderful project!


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