Tips: What to do if your course storage is full

(Updated on Oct 4th, 2018)

A Carmen course shell currently has a file storage quota of 500MB; you can check your course storage usage on the Files page (left menu) of your course.
Only the files that you have uploaded into your course count toward its storage quota; for example, this does not include student submissions, files copied from other courses (including the master), or media comments you create within a content page or the SpeedGrader.
Unused files are automatically discarded when Teaching and Learning refreshes your masters. Read on forĀ  some additional tips that you can follow in your masters and semester shells.


  • Delete files that are no longer used; for example, PowerPoints and handouts from previous semesters
  • Optimize your course files; for example, your Word documents, PowerPoint slides, and PDF files.
  • Videos are best hosted on Mediasite, Ohio State’s official video repository. Students like the ability to adjust playback speed using the Mediasite player. Mediasite also provides more information regarding view statistics, which is usual for purposes such as student assessment and course evaluation.
  • Other large files, such as PDFs with images that must be high-resolution (ex. radiographs), are best hosted on BuckeyeBox, which provides unlimited storage. To link directly to a file in BuckeyeBox:
    • Upload the file to BuckeyeBox
    • Select “Share
    • Select “People with the link” (from dropdown menu)
    • Copying the share link
      • Sharing link to Box preview page (which has a download button): Copy the link in the “Shared Link” text box
      • Sharing direct link to file download: Select settings (gear icon), copy Direct Link
      • Note on Carmen LTI: While there is a integrated Box file picker in Carmen, it currently creates links that takes students to a version of the preview tool that has a non-functional download button on iOS devices; avoid for now.
    • Add the link into Carmen module or page.
For additional information, visit ODEE’s File Storage and Quotas in Carmen article. Office of Teaching and Learning would also be happy to consult!

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