Learning Tech @ CVM: BuckeyeBox for your file storage and collaboration needs

Did you know? Ohio State provides a service called BuckeyeBox, that not only lets you store and access your files in a secure space in the cloud, but also share them with viewers or collaborators both inside and outside of OSU.

If you have not had a chance to use BuckeyeBox, follow these instructions to request an account. Then, read on …

Dee Lohmeyer, Senior Associate Director at Veterinary Information Systems (VIS), describes the following advantages of BuckeyeBox:

  • BuckeyeBox is available on a variety of platforms, including Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Files are accessible anywhere without the use of the CVM VPN
  • You can store an offline copy of the files on your devices, and synchronize them with the BuckeyeBox cloud.
  • It is easy to share files and collaborate with individuals both inside and outside of OSU, and robust access controls lets you decide who has access to what, as well as when and how.
  • You have unlimited storage on BuckeyeBox as faculty/staff

BuckeyeBox can help you to have more flexibility in terms of where and when you work, and may be appropriate for many of your use cases. However, not all data is permitted on BuckeyeBox. In general, restricted data is not permitted, including social security number, driver’s license number, financial data including credit numbers, and patient information protected under HIPAA. On the other hand, other data classes such as Student Education Records, including grades, GPA and transcripts, are permitted. For more information, refer to the OSU Institutional Data Policy (IDP).

The Office of Teaching and Learning and its staff currently utilizes BuckeyeBox in several different says:

  • As a student, Jay Hsiao stores his course materials and coursework on BuckeyeBox. Some apps that he uses, including Notability, allow him to interact with BuckeyeBox, such as accessing and editing files, seamlessly.
  • As part of the Carmen (D2L) archival process, course files and student activities from previous courses are currently stored in a BuckeyeBox folder shared with Professional Program Support.
  • The office has an internal collaboration folder between its staff, where files such as meeting notes and captured media files are stored.
  • For courses that require more storage space than is allocated in CarmenCanvas, OTL has been recommending storing course files in BuckeyeBox, which can then be easily incorporated into the courses in CarmenCanvas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to consult with either OTL or VIS.


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