Notetaking App Features Outlined

Having the tools and materials you need at your fingertips can help you be prepared for class, streamline your study time and make you a more effective student.

To help you make the most of the technology available, the Office of Teaching & Learning has complied a table of several notetaking apps available on the market, many of which are available for free or a one-time fee under $10 (the exception: Evernote).

All of the apps listed below are available for iOS (iPad, iPad Pro) but also run on other platforms, making it easy to access your materials and notes from anywhere.

Using these applications with cloud storage solutions such as BuckeyeBox, OneDrive, iCloud or Google Drive can make your workspace even more flexible, providing tools for organized storage, collaboration and organization accessible no matter where or when you study. Storage space availability varies from platform to platform and may not interface with your favorite note taking app, so be sure to check storage requirements when choosing one.


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