Studying Aerodynamics with Paper Airplanes

Last week, students explored the science of flight through creating and flying paper airplanes. Aerodynamics is They put their knowledge of coding to work to design simple airplanes.

The Four Forces of flight include thrust, lift, drag, and weight.  The students explored these forces creating, testing, evaluating, adjusting, and retesting their airplanes.  The materials in this project included a piece of paper and three paper clips.

What I loved most about this project is that youth were helping each other “de-bug” problems and show what they know for teaching purposes.  They are becoming great thinkers, problem-solvers, communicators, and engineers.  I am so proud of them!!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) offers careers in aeronautics (airplane) and aerospace engineering (air and spacecraft).  NASA is working on sustainable aviation that may be implemented by the year 2050.  Please click on the video link to learn more:

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