Having a “BLAST” with STEM!

Hello, all!  The Cuyahoga County 4-H Extension has paired with Cleveland Playhouse  to offer afterschool programming at the following schools: Halle Elementary, Almira Elementary, Buhrer Elementary, Walton Elementary, and Stonebrook- White Elementary.  Our organizations are happy to be able to serve students within our community.  A bit thank you Cleveland Playhouse for partnership and giving kids wonderful opportunities in afterschool programs!

The students have been exploring force and motion through creating “moon craters,” catapults, and sling shot rockets.  They have been busy collaborating, designing, problem solving, and communicating with peers.  Hands-on projects allow students to examine and analyze materials to make simple machines.

Learning through play is fun and engaging!   Children have lots of great questions about how things work and how the world works.  I hope they explore their ideas at home as well as in school.

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