Thus far, my professional engineering experience has grown through TAP at Ohio State. Reverse engineering, circuitry, design, and many other engineering skills are at the forefront of the program and have also been sharpened in my own skillset.

I have gained wonderful experience working in group settings and passing along knowledge through my work as a TA. Basic engineering skills have been applied ad honed in this position, but my real growth has been through my better interpersonal relationship skills. I’ve come to love working in a group setting and it’s been great getting so many different inputs on a project from many different people.

Taking these skills with me, in my professional career I’d like to focus on clean energy and green engineering. I want to create sustainable products that are affordable and easily accessible to the public.

2nd Year in Review

Being a TA for engineering 1181 and 1182 has been my most memorable experience. I love helping the first year students grow into successful Ohio State students and watching them learn the basics of engineering. My favorite part of the day is when I get to work as a TA and I can’t wait to continue with the program next year.

Another great experience during my second year was my work with TAP. Growing alongside this program has been a wonderful experience and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to impact the community in such a positive way.

G.O.A.L.S. Update

I’ve accomplished many of my goals, and I am also still working on some of them. My scholars experience has allowed me to broaden my horizons and become a great leader, but I still have personal goals I want to achieve. The skills I gained as a scholars student will help me in my career.

Artifacts Update

During my fourth semester at Ohio State, I enrolled in ME 2900. This is a required mechanical engineering course that has curriculum built around the machine shop and arduino. The course requires each student to design their own prototype project and build it using arduino components. In summary, my project involved creating an automated door answering system that responded to certain inputs by a visitor. My project is showcased in the attached documentation.Emily Curtiss_Arduino Lab 5 Report-1kvbd4q