About Me

My most memorable high school experience is the puzzle cube project I participated in for my introductory engineering course. This project introduced me to the problem solving method, while also helping me realize that I am a very hands on learner. I enjoy building and creating complicated systems that provide a challenging puzzle for my peers. I hope to use this learning style to really get involved in many activities Ohio State has to offer. As a career goal, I hope to develop technology that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Year in Review

My first year at Ohio State was very exciting and I’ve gained a lot of valuable experiences. My two fondest memories of my first year are being accepted as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of Engineering Education and participating in the First Year Advanced Energy Vehicle showcase. Both of these events felt like big accomplishments that I was really excited to share with my friends and family. I use the knowledge and project experience from the AEV showcase while speaking with employers and I am really enjoying being a UTA. The first year engineering series was a lot of fun and I’m glad I can help make it a great experience for the next class of engineers.


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Green Engineering the Tesla Car Team South Africa – Edit

Our Green Engineering Scholars Seminar project discussed the economic benefits of locally sourcing the necessary products used to produce the Tesla Roadster lithium-ion battery. The presentation discussed which materials could be found inside the United States or in one of its neighboring countries. This would drastically reduce the pollution emissions caused by the overseas transportation of these materials and would allow for more wide-spread production of the special batteries.