Humans of OSU

“So I was born August 1st, 200 in Alliance, Ohio, which is a fairly small town, there’s only about 20,000 people who live there. That’s actually just the nearest town to us, I grew up in Homeworth, which is this tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. I went to a private catholic school up until 3rd grade and then I switched to public school. It was really hard because the private school was really small and there was not a lot of diversity and then I went ro public school and it was like a free-for-all and I hated it so much. But then I started to get into the groove of things and I did pretty well in high school. It was still a tiny school though. People don’t understand that when I say I’m from a small town I really am. When I explain that we had to drive to the nearest store they think it’s crazy—like in Little House on the Prairie or something.

At first I hated Ohio State, I didn’t even want to come here. I told my mom that I wasn’t even looking at Ohio State—I hated it so much. I was going to Malone university in Canton. The day before decision day I got an email from Malone saying that they were getting their accreditation taken away and that I should probably withdraw my application—so I had to come here because it was my only other choice. So I came here and I found out that I actually love it here. And I also have one sister and I don’t really like her because she’s really mean to me because I don’t have the same political views as her.”

-Sam Morrow