CubeRRT Launch a Success

View of launch from VIP area

After a one-day delay due to weather, CubeRRT was launched aboard the OA-9 resupply mission to the ISS on May 21, 2018. Several members of the CubeRRT team witnessed the launch at Wallops Flight Facility.

L-R: Joel Johnson, Sid Misra, Chris Ball, Christa McKelvey, Bob Jarnot, Carl Felten, Rudi Bendig, Jonathon Kocz, Graeme Smith

CubeRRT team attends launch

CubeRRT is one of nine CubeSats in the Cygnus cargo carrier, which docked with the space station three days later, on May 24.

Leading up to the launch, CubeRRT was featured in a Facebook Live broadcast from the Range Control Center at Wallops.  CubeRRT also appeared in a news story on ABC 6 in Columbus and in the EEs Talk Tech podcast by Keysight Technologies.

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