About the Unconference


The Unconference

An unconference is an event where people come together to have the conversations that are most important to them. It has the structure of a conference, but the content of the sessions is participant-generated at the beginning of the event.

Our purpose of this event is to explore shared values among our communities to promote greater engagement in democracy.  This event is about building connections to make the promise of democracy real for everyone!

During registration, you submitted an answer to the question, What conversation do we need to have about American democracy? What question would you pose to the group to discuss at the Unconference?

When you arrive, participants will vote on the topics submitted at registration to determine the agenda for the day.

During the unconference, each participant is either contributing something to the conversation, learning from it, or moving to another session.  This Teach or Learn or Move approach creates three kinds of participants:

  • those who are sharing knowledge,
  • those who are gaining knowledge,
  • those who are moving between groups to cross-pollinate the discussions.

This experience is designed to be both intense and useful to every participant.

View the topics radar see session ideas already submitted by participants! 

See the agenda from last year’s Unconference.