Spring 2022 Courses are Live!

Our website has been updated to include all of our course offerings for Spring 2022! As a friendly reminder to undergraduate students, Dr. David Brakke will be offering Theory and Method in the Study of Religion, a mandatory course for all Majors and Minors, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20-3:40pm. Watch the video below to hear a little bit from Dr. Brakke about what you’ll be studying!

Transcript: “In the spring, I’ll be teaching RELSTDS 3972, which is Theory and Method in the Study of Religion. It’s required for all Religious Studies Majors because it really talks about what religion is in a kind of more abstract comparative sense than looking at any one specific religious tradition. But the class, I think, could be really useful to anybody who’s working in the Humanities because it asks very basic questions about how we interpret human phenomena like religious beliefs, religious activities, religious rituals, organizations, and the like. So, we’ll be reading what religious studies people call the ‘classic’ theorists, which are people like Mircea Eliade, Emile Durkheim, Sigmund Freud, and so forth. And this is a 3000-level class, so we’re going to be reading Freud, not other people telling us about what Freud said, which should be lots of fun. But then we will work on problematizing, or kind of thinking about what these people missed, by reading some more recent theory in anthropology and feminist/womanist studies, African American theory, and the like, so that we can kind of see how religious phenomena are studied from a wide variety of perspectives.”

You can view a PDF of all of the Religious Studies courses on offer next semester here: SP2022 RELSTDS Courses

You can view a PDF of all courses that count toward the Major and Minor here: SP2022 Course Flyer 2

View a list of courses on our website HERE.

We look forward to seeing you next spring!