Community Lecture: “The Gnostic Jesus” with Dr. David Brakke

The CSR is gearing up for our upcoming Community Lecture: “The Gnostic Jesus: The Divine Savior in the Gospel of Judas and Other Early Christian Writings” with the Department of History’s Dr. David Brakke at 7pm EST on Nov. 4, 2021 at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Watch our brief interview with Dr. Brakke below and visit for more information about the event and location. Not located in Columbus? Registration is free via Zoom! We hope to see you there!


“My Lecture on the 4th will be on the Gospel of Judas, which is an early Christian gnostic text that first appeared in 2006, so it’s still relatively new. I’m going to focus narrowly on the question of how Jesus appears in this work. That is, what we traditionally call Christology, the study of who Christ is and what he does. So, we’ll be looking at the divine and human natures of Christ. Is he a divine being? What god sent him? And what does Jesus do to save people according to the Gospel of Judas? So, that will be our topic!”

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