Reliance on Automated or Complex Flight Deck Systems in Commercial Aircraft 

This project’s objective is to develop methods for identifying and evaluating design characteristics of automated or complex system. Complex systems such as commercial aircraft, have many high vulnerabilities that can arise. These vulnerabilities may undermine flight crew performance when non-normal and abnormal events occur. The scope of this project is to provide the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with recommendations regarding the evaluation process of flight deck systems.

Led by Dr. Martijn IJtsma (CSEL) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Work on this project began in September 2022, and the final report will be produced in August 2023.


Dr. Martijn IJtsma 

Dr. David Woods

Shawn Pruchnicki

Renske Nijveldt 

Featured Publications

“ISE studying human factors challenges with complex flight deck automation systems”, BuckISE Newsletter, 2023