Abhinay Paladugu











Ph.D Student, The Ohio State University

M.S. The Pennsylvania State University, 2019

Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, 2018

Abhinay is a Ph.D. student in the Cognitive Systems Engineering laboratory at the Ohio State University, supervised by Dr. Martijn Ijstma. He joined the lab in 2021 and is interested in developing and using modeling and simulation techniques to verify and validate envisioned systems. His research interests include computational modeling and simulation, joint cognitive systems, and emergence in systems. He applies computational methods in modeling, simulating, and evaluating distributed teams from a teamwork and dynamic work lens. He is set to graduate in 2024 and is looking for full-time opportunities.

His journey with cognitive engineering started while watching Aircraft investigation though at that time he had no idea what it. He then went on to pursue an Internship with Dr. Amy R Pritchett which introduced him to the field of Cognitive engineering.

Apart from research and work in the lab he likes cooking and going for trails.

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