Enabling Smart Mobility: CSEL and 99P Labs Collaboration to Develop Human-AI Partnerships


99P Labs, backed by both Honda and The Ohio State University, is collaborating with CSEL to design novel solutions for the optimal integration of technology and human users in a mobility context. The project will develop several alternative human-AI teaming capabilities for an envisioned mobility application. These alternatives will be evaluated in a driver-in-the-loop experiment to analyze what AI capabilities best support interaction and coordination with human users.

Interactive computer systems (i.e., automated and AI agents) have the potential to transform human-technology partnerships within the mobility space.  As these technologies become more advanced, there is a need to understand the cooperative competencies needed for these technologies to effectively “team” with human users.

99P excels in creating a collaborative, diverse research environment consisting of educators, startups, students, and businesses with the goal of innovating the future of human-technology interaction. The CSEL research team brings expertise in Cognitive Systems Engineering and human-machine teaming.

The project kicked off in earlier this month and is expected to be completed by August 2024.