Text Review Assignment

In the horror/thriller film 10 Cloverfield Lane, all identity, power and injustice issues are present. This hard- to-watch movie about probable kidnapping and impending revelation of an alien race includes a complex delivery of a power structure many do not have the guts to view. Main character Michelle becomes “saved”, according to Howard (Michelles highly likely kidnapper), from an impending attack on the world as we know it. Michelle becomes held in a cell as she wonders for a period of days and even weeks if she is actually being kept safe, or if she has been successfully kidnapped. To preface, I believe that each of issues that will be explained can refer back to the idea of the Subaltern being placed on the woman by man. Consider these issues brought up and self-asses.

To better split up the explanation of these issues portrayed in the film, I am going to give each section a header with said issue:

Identity – An idea that I believe is innately tied in with the idea of naming and oppressing a Subaltern. A belief of identity (whether this is known consciously or sub-consciously). In this movie, it is evident that the woman is viewed by the man as “needing to be saved”. Later in the movie, they are playing charades with the word being “woman” and all Howard can think of is words like ‘girl’, ‘Princess’ and such as he is looking right at Michelle.

Power – In this movie, verbal (screaming), physical (throwing around and shooting of guns) is used to put this woman in her place from the mans perspective. There is also an operative manner to this power as he is threatening her about how she must stay.

Injustice –  As Michelle realizes that Howard is definitely kidnapping her, Howard begins to increase his tacticts. Expressing to her how they will be “family” and even using force such as telling her he will throw her in human flesh eating acid!

This movie brings the viewer into an intimate position with situation at hand. As Michelle is wondering about getting kidnapped, we are as well; even when we see it unravel before our eyes…