Text Review: Persian Lessons

In the movie Persian Lessons, it tells a true story that a Jewish invented a language in order to survive World War I. He can not speak Persian, but in order to make a living and establish a good relationship with Tehran, he is therefore obliged to create language to survive in Nazi transit camp.

In this movie, there are a lot of places related to injustice, identity, and culture issues. For example, Jewish people are discriminated and biased to be very crafty and deceitful who deceive people most of time in order to survive in the tough life. It is a obvious stereotype to Jewish people because we can not only identify or judge someone based on what they are doing, but we need to connect their behavior with the background and their motivation. Facing the threaten of being killed, Jewish people struggles to survive so that they have to develop some strategy to increase the rate of living. In this movie, there was one picture showing that several Jewish people gather in a forest and waited to be shooted. They feel very feared but can do nothing. They wait to be killed. But at that time, a young Jewish man found that he exchange sandwich with another man and get a Iranian book. He started to pretend himself to be a Iranian and survive successfully.

Jewish people experienced the cruel treatment in World War I and were killed and injuried in a countless number. Some of us may have some impression toward Jewish people that they are briliant and even very deceitful. But if you try to feel others’ feeling, you will not have the same stereotype to them. You may also try to deceive other for your own survival. Therefore, we can not have injustice to Jewish people based on the wrong impression






Yo Is this Asian Hate? Podcast- Lingyun Zheng, Mingxuan Yang and Yuehua Rong


Yuehua Rong: So, welcome to our podcast and first we’re gonna introduce herself.And hi everyone my name is Yuehua Ring and majoring finance.

Mingxuan Yang: Hi guys, my name is Mingxuan Yang. I’m majoring in psychology, sophomore student in Ohio State University.

Lingyun Zheng: Hi everyone, my name is Lingyun Zheng and I am majored in mathematics.

Yuehua Rong: So we’re gonna talk about racism towards Asian. And before we talk about the cases we’re going to define what is racism.

Lingyun Zheng: In my perspective, I think, racism is a prejudice and discrimination directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically ones that is a minority or marginalized. 

Yuehua Rong: So, the reason we talk about this topic is because I believe that all of you have watched the news recently about Asian hate crime. And the murder of the case robber Aaron Alone. He killed eight people at three different Atlanta massage parlors. Some people argue that he’s killing motivation has nothing to do with racism. Well, according to himself. It told the police that he had an addiction to sex that filled his rampage, but denied any racial motivation, long said that he sees the spouse, as temptation and he wanted to eliminate.However, relatives of the victims indicates that they have always been operating illegally massage parlor, and has nothing to do with sex, but the truth is, he killed eight people, and six of them are Asian. Also, even a sex related massage parlor isn’t an excuse for clones someone who clearly has a stereotype for Asians, which he thinks that Asian massage parlor are all related to sex. What do you guys think of this?

Mingxuan Yang: Yes, you’re absolutely right. And although Long keep denying that he went. It is the sexual frustration led him to commit the violence. But when we look up the people, the type of people that he killed it. Because six Asian people are being killed, and also they are some excuses explained by the office Captain Joe Baker, who told the media you know press conference that a sexual addiction may have feel the crime instead Long had had a really bad day.So, having a really bad day. It’s a really. It’s a really funny drug to explaining for queuing like eight people. And also, I must say that, um, since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak. On some Western politicians dress China’s connection to the COVID 19 pandemic. So that Asian people especially the Chinese people become a target for racism. Some people will regarded the coronavirus as Chinese virus and will like play jokes like kung fu something like that.

Lingyun Zheng: I think the reason why so many Asian hate crimes happened in the US is partial credit to former president D T since he posted lots of inappropriate comments on his Twitter account and he pointed out that the COVID -19 has originated from Asia and he used ” China virus” to define COVID-19. what he said spark anti-Asian Twitter content and “likely perpetuated racist attitudes. Many people who support him believe what he said is right and more and more people think that it’s Chinese people who caused COVID-19. Many American people think that the COVID-19 restricts their lives. They are forced to wear masks and they are not allowed to gather together in public so they convert their discontent on Asians.

MingxuanYang: Oh, Yes, I cannot agree with you more. And Donald Trump as the, he used to be the president of the United States and the focus of the media figures, so his words can directly change or affected the opinions of the United States public and the even the behavior. So. Oh, yes, as the pandemic made its way across Europe and also United States North America, Asian people experience the series of verbal assault and also, even the physical harassment. A lot of Asian people indicated that they experienced the unfair treatment in their daily life and some of them even afraid to go outside or use the public transportation. Um, so take myself as an example, last year on April 20. There are about, 50 to 522,000 cases coronal cases in United States, which means it was very dangerous, and we must wear a mask so that we will not like suffer from coronavirus, and, and that a walking through the high street I prefer to buy some food in target and I met a man who stopped me and instead of me that, please not we’re mask. we cannot decide our Death life. Because God only God know that and also he told me, told me that they do know why the coronavirus happens. That is because of you, Chinese people, so his words makes me very uncomfortable. And it is a really.

Mingxuan Yang: Right. It is a very rare case for me, but it happens every day on United States, and Asia Americans suffer from the unfair treatment everyday it becomes very common, even though that like those European people were united states or North America people do not have awareness of that they are stereotyping, a group of minority or a group of people. But even though they are not conscious about that. This phenomenon happens every day, and lots of Asian people encounters, those unfair situation, and we’ll have the risk of being attacked, when they walk on the streets and they do nothing. so similar to this situation, it makes me think about 10 years ago when the aftermath of the September September, July was to southern New while we’re mostly are so when the Muslim. The group of Islam as the terrorist attack to the Americans, a building. So, at that time Muslims experienced the hospital treatment for a long time because American society became begins to consider the group of Islam a terrorist and regard the Muslims as a terrorist, trying to marginalize them and isolate the culture and the people who belongs to this identity.

Lingyun zheng: Yeah, you’re right, not only Asia’s and Muslim are facing discrimination, but also other races. The government’s inaction is also a reason why racism exists. Some policies that discriminate by race and keep people in poverty reinforce racist beliefs. Housing laws are a prime example of this. Many laws kept Black people from owning houses in certain neighborhoods, relegating them to lower-quality housing and preventing them from accumulating wealth. Society looks at this and believes it justifies beliefs about how Black people only live in low-income, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

Mingxuan Yang: Yes. No matter black people or Muslim people were Asian people they as the minority in the whole community they experienced a very unfair treatment and they are still retype  every day. So, according to the investigation, the Asian crime has the, the anti-Asians crime has increased this year to 150%. And a lot of people like makes slander gesture to Asian people and everyday Asian people receive threats. And they will they will encounter some really dirty words like I’ll go back to China, you’re so dirty and they, someone will like you add them in short shout at them to say something really rude words which makes them very comfortable and offend them, to a large extent, so that xenophobia becomes very serious and overt in the United States which becomes a very serious problem that we need to take some actions to, like, to stove it word to on to stop the stereotype.

Lingyun zheng: The reason why so many Asian hate crimes happened recently is due to jealousy of what Asians have achieved. Recently Asians are becoming richer and richer that leads to some Americans believe that it’s Asians steal their resources and wealth which causes their failures. I am going to use an example to illustrate that, if an Asian employee was promoted in a company, his co-workers will try to distance him and slander him behind his back. Asians are facing lots of injustices during this time.

Mingxuan Yang: Yes, you are right because it is a very obvious things that some Asian people are very talented and have very good ability and good at several fields like computer ,like social media something like that but someone always prevent them from promotion that is because, like, the stereotype, because of their race were because of, like, Where are they from.Um, so, So, returning back to our topic is this raises racism.Um, we have to say that.Although, it comes to be a very rare case, like like some white people attacked to attacked. To some, like Asian people was like very rare but I think it becomes more and more common in our daily life so we need to take a serious and to do some actions to like to do some actions to prevent them be more serious.

Lingyun zheng: It seems like those events appear to be accidental. However, the victims were all Asians so that it’s definitely racism. we need to work together to overcome this tough time. Thank you for listening and hope you have a good time.

Mingxuan Yang: Thank you.

Yuehua Rong: Thank you.


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Week 12 Context Presentation: The American Patriotism after 9/11 and Harsh Treatent of Muslims

American nationalism becomes conspicuous and Muslims experienced hostile treatment in the aftermath of 9/11. American society begins to consider the group of Islam as terror and regard the Muslims as terrorists trying to marginalize and isolate the culture and people who belongs to this identity. In Mohsin Hamid’s novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, the protagonist Changez struggles to find his belonging when He discovers that he was treated “the other” and “the outsider” in the United States due to the tragic attack which serves as a turning point of American people’s attitude toward Muslims. The negative American mainstream media attributes the events to stereotyping and biased, which leads to some hate crime, violence discrimination aiming at Muslims.

For Changez, his relationship with Erica reflects his identity relating to American society. Erica attracts Changez at the first sight, like his first impression of America, as he defined her as”regal”. Even though Erica was indulged with her dead boyfriend and ideal romantic relationship in the past, Changez told her to pretend him as her dead boyfriend, which could be a metaphor of the symbol of his American dream. Finally, Erica refused his love and left him, like how Amercian society isolated him. Changez’s life in Underwood Samson can likewise achieve a life-changing effect for him when he came to find he perhaps bring benefits to the United States but is not in part of them. The misrepresentation and misunderstanding of Muslims affects the immigrants like Changez who wants to pursue American dream initially. They strives to take education, establish relationship and work hard for successful life, but be harrassed and isolated by native people because of their patriotism. Hoping for chasing dreams in a nationality having so-called multi-culturalism and regarded as melting pot, Changez feels disappointed and disillusioned and finally returned back to his homeland.



Shihada, Isam M, The Backlash of 9/11 on Muslims in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (September 5, 2015). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMANITIES AND CULTURAL STUDIES, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2656566

Shirazi, Q. (2020). Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: Redefining fundamentalism In Mohsin Hamid’s the Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007). Journal of Literature, Language & Culture (COES&RJ-JLLC), 1(3), 44. doi:10.25255/2378.3591.2020.






Diary of systemic injustices: Executive Gender Gap

After watching the TED talk talking about the identity of female and male in the society, I gradually find out that girls are cultivated to be perfect and male are cultivated to be brace in their young age. This mode of education in some way determines the huge ratio gender difference in the company. According to 2010 report, female CEO only takes up 4% among all the CEO in fortune 500 company and Female top executives only takes 16%. The astounding data leads to people’s thinking why the big gap occurs. There is no evidence to showcase that female are less briliant than male. In contrast, some evidence indicates that female owns logical thinking, comprehensive thinking and other special talents.

We can not doubt one’s talent only based on their gender but need to make a judgement based on different perspectives. According to the report, there are more female employees in 500 fortune company than male but less CEO and senior position in a company. Girls are afraid of making mistakes, but we should not encourage that. 

Moreover, some people not only are skeptical towards female’s ability, they keep doubting on the availability and flexibility of female who perhaps are willing to sacrifice themselves to family and children. Female may pregnant, educate children and do housework so they are considered to put their attention on family instead of work.  However, this stereotype need to be eliminated because none of the gender should be defined to have a specific duty on doing something. Every individual have right to decide their life balance and nothing can compress them on pursuing dream.Someone may has traditional opinion that female are supposed to put their main focus on family so they will not have enough time on pursuing promotion, and high wages. It can be a injustice towad human because it limits the potential of woman and compresses their right for chasing dream.

Gender balance and gender equality should be emphasized in the future,  no matter in the workplace, the public facility and other human right. Women should not be underestimated. Every individual or human should own the characteristics like being brave, being perfect, but not categorized by gender.