Text Review: Persian Lessons

In the movie Persian Lessons, it tells a true story that a Jewish invented a language in order to survive World War I. He can not speak Persian, but in order to make a living and establish a good relationship with Tehran, he is therefore obliged to create language to survive in Nazi transit camp.

In this movie, there are a lot of places related to injustice, identity, and culture issues. For example, Jewish people are discriminated and biased to be very crafty and deceitful who deceive people most of time in order to survive in the tough life. It is a obvious stereotype to Jewish people because we can not only identify or judge someone based on what they are doing, but we need to connect their behavior with the background and their motivation. Facing the threaten of being killed, Jewish people struggles to survive so that they have to develop some strategy to increase the rate of living. In this movie, there was one picture showing that several Jewish people gather in a forest and waited to be shooted. They feel very feared but can do nothing. They wait to be killed. But at that time, a young Jewish man found that he exchange sandwich with another man and get a Iranian book. He started to pretend himself to be a Iranian and survive successfully.

Jewish people experienced the cruel treatment in World War I and were killed and injuried in a countless number. Some of us may have some impression toward Jewish people that they are briliant and even very deceitful. But if you try to feel others’ feeling, you will not have the same stereotype to them. You may also try to deceive other for your own survival. Therefore, we can not have injustice to Jewish people based on the wrong impression






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