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Racism and the abuse of power




Even today, 156 years after Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation, American racial discrimination is taking place everywhere. Furthermore, in many parts of the world, unreasonable discrimination against other races occurs due to nationalism’s consciousness. We discriminate against someone for reasons such as ethnicity in a country that cannot live economically because our skin color is different. For historical reasons, and for the same reason, we are discriminated against by someone. So racial discrimination is happening all over the world. It can be seen that the initially attempted racism policy has spread to the present day, long after five centuries, and has spread not only to the United States but also to the world. Moreover, now, racism based on language has emerged from discrimination based on race and skin color. In other words, races who do not speak English have been discriminated against by races who speak English well.

This is new racism created in conjunction with language imperialism. When racism based on skin color gradually disappears due to various human rights movements, discrimination based on language is expected to become more severe due to other problems.


The misuse of power and authority is the structural inequality I’d like to discuss. There are numerous forms of power abuse in Society. However, the abuse of power by police officers is still a source of controversy. Since anybody can get a gun with a permit in the United States and many unauthorized gun uses, police officers have more authority than in any other country. One of the reasons is the high prevalence of gang and drug-related violence. However, police officer misuse of control continues to be a problem. 


Police officer’s uses of a gun are more generous than any other country in the United States. What is even more unfair is that there are significantly more black people killed by police officers. Everyone in the United States is under the same constitution and rules. Therefore this can not be Justified. Being a black person does not make them worse or better than any other race, but they are all equal US Citizens.


However, Statistically, black people are more likely to commit a crime and get killed by police. 

Some people view this differently. The reason why black people have more of those rates is because of the social-economic problem. In Us history, black people got freed in 1863 for emancipation by Abraham Lincoln. Even when they just got released, white people kept the wealth since, and black people started without any money. Therefore when they first got freed, most of them were lower-class people. For more than 150 years, many black people have stacked up their wealth throughout the generation. However, many black people earn comparably lower income compared to white people. Some people say that black people have more crime rates because they have more financial problems than whites. This societal location where they are at causes more crimes, therefore, more deaths. So some people view this as a financially unequal problem in Society, not a racial issue.


Officers are sometimes able to determine whether or not to shoot a suspect. If a suspect with a gun attacks an officer, the officer has the right to kill that person at any moment. However, since the police are just beings, they make mistakes when deciding whether to fire. The issue arises when they misuse their authority. Some officers may have legal problems, and others may be supremacists. Any crooked policemen have taken advantage of their positions, and these cases have escalated into significant issues.

The fact that police brutality continues to be a serious issue does not imply that no change has been made. People have mobilized to bring about reform in neighborhoods across the United States. 

it emerged from our realization that, in the end, the faithful and sustainable change would include a concerted and continuous initiative by neighborhood organizations. And it is in honor of those contributions that this manual has been published.

In American Society, other racial issues with abusing power happen. One of them is Asian hate. This is becoming a more prominent topic in 2021.  After being shoved to the ground, an old Thai immigrant dies. With a box knife, a Filipino-American is stabbed in the chest. After being slapped, a Chinese woman is set on fire. These are just examples of Asian hate that happened. The critical thing to notice here is that those who are getting are weak elderly or women. These people can’t protect themselves like others, and stronger people tend to attack them. This is also the abuse of more substantial power.


As an Asian who lives in the US, I have experienced many Asian stereotypes of racism. Obviously, I have encountered people saying stereotypes more than racism. I felt terrible all the time I hear stereotypical thoughts. When I went to middle school, I went by the name “Jonah.” However, people kept asking me what my real name is. I actually have my Korean name, but necessarily I don’t think my Korean a real character. Still, I just have two words, a Korean one and an American one. When I took my high school math classes, people kept assuming that I was good in Math, even when they did not see my grades. I was embarrassed by myself because I was not as good as other people thought I was good at math. Also, people keep asking me where I am actually from. I often feel offended because I feel like people are seeing me as different from who they are. These stereotypes are the ones that I remember, and I believe there are far more that I can not remember. Also, there were some racisms that I placed. It Happened When I went to New York, a random person called me a “Chink” and walked away. I was with my friends, so I just did not react and acted chill. However, when I keep thinking about it, I am mad at how he called me disrespectfully on the street. I think these kinds of racial-related insults should not be used to anyone but especially not to someone who they do not know at all.

One of the things that I noticed as the COVID-19 Pandemic started is the Asian hate. Some people who got penalties bad things happened to them because of the Pandemic tend to blame Asian people just because COVID is created in China. I am mad at these things because, first of all, I am Korean. It is a huge mistake to blame this situation on Asians. The virus started in China because the virus is what people can’t control. We just have to get over it together and not blame any race because COVID should not be a racial problem in the first place ( it can become a national problem because of the spread). But it is not an individual’s problem.


I think there are far more racisms in other countries than in the United States. However, in the United States, people can use guns, so it is much more severe when violent things happen than in the US. I have been to many countries, and countries with more than 90 percent of only one race tend to have more racial discrimination problems. I am currently in Korea, and I am seeing lots of racism toward foreigners. Unlike English, Korean is not learned in school in other countries. So foreigners in Korea can not speak Korean very well. Korean people tend to look down on foreign workers. For example, when I went to a restaurant, some unfamiliar people were eating. I heard a Korean saying that the foreigners lose their appetites and complained to the waiter. I was shocked because, in the US, I have never heard things like that. Also, when I went to Italy, Europe, I felt something. First of all, I went to Italy two times. The first time I went there with my Korean family, and the second time, I went there with my white American friends. Things that I noticed are that Italian people were nicer to the white group. For example, when I tried to get on to train, an Italian couple wanted to block us from getting on the train. I did not understand what they were saying by blocking us, but It sounded insulting, and we felt offended. When we went to a restaurant, the waiter threw silverware to the table. It was actually in an insulting way. At the time, I was 100% sure if it was racism or not because they could have been just rude people. Still, as I went to Italy with my white friends, I was more sure than racial discrimination. In a white group, I did not see any people acting rude in Italy. It was more enjoyable to travel, honestly. 

Compare to these things in Europe, I believe that all the races are much more equal than in other countries. Some problems still exist these days, and we can all try to fix them and improve together in the USA.


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