Diary Of Systematic Injustices Showcase: Iran and Other Countries Lack Of Support for Black Lives Matter

In week seven we took a look into the oppression of woman, after war time, having no option but to wear a vail, even if they did not want to. In this article we take a took at how Iranian officials reacted to the black lives matter movement that swept the United States and other places around the world. Immediately following the murdering of George Floyd it was observed that Iranian officials did not shy away from condemning him murder. Government officials did not focus on the idea of justice from the actions of the police, rather they use this opportunity as a way to further speak their narrative.

They more or less are condemning the years of brutality African Americans have faced, they will not advocate for the need for justice in America, they will not take responsibility to reflect on Irans past with racism and treatment. One survey that reflects the racism and segregation that Iran backs is that carried out by the Iranian students polling agency. It was discovered 43% of respondents support a ban on Afghan nationals living in the city. It also reports that 44% want Afghan residents to be forced to live in designated living.

One of the most hard hitting quotes from the article states, “Iranian officials have not spoken out to promote racial justice or free speech. They have spoken out to take advantage of the instability within the United States to distract from their own human rights violations and to attract sympathy and support for their narrative of being the victim of a global tyrant.”

With this narrative, the idea that countries outside the united states have responded to the black lives matter movement in a negative light, a course concept that becomes reflected is the idea of the one and the other. As seen by the statistics stated in the article many respondents see black Israelis as the other and themselves as the one. The black Israelis have become the outside group as many believe they should be sanctioned away from living in many large areas of the country, a blatant disregard for the group as people and as a whole.

In regard to this article it opened my eyes to the ways the movement have been seen in places other than the USA. Before researching and reading this article I had little to no knowledge on the effect the BLM movement had across the world. I now am in understanding that places did not respond in ways like the USA did, rather many middle eastern countries responded in the opposite manner that what occurred in other western countries.

Iranian officials’ hypocritical support of #BlackLivesMatter


2 thoughts on “Diary Of Systematic Injustices Showcase: Iran and Other Countries Lack Of Support for Black Lives Matter

  1. I think this post is particularly powerful because it illustrates more of how large-scale this past year’s Black Lives Matter has been. A large part of the movement has been centered around people having to get educated and wake up and understand and help fix what is happening. I think that the movement getting traction in Iran is as big of a wake up call one could need.

  2. While I had some trouble reading this post because of the wording of some sentences, you have some great concepts and ideas! I’ve never really looked at the international response to the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement, so I found your work surprisingly impactful and interesting.

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