Diary of Systemic Injustice Showcase: Stop Asian Hate


This week, I found a news: “Eight people, most of them women of Asian descent, were killed Tuesday night in three shooting at Atlanta-area spas before police arrested a 21-year-old man suspected of being the lone gunman.” Besides, according to report, “The police said the suspect had previously been a customer of at least two of the businesses where eight people were killed. Also, the House held its first hearing on anti-Asian discrimination in three decades.”

Although the suspect denies he discriminates against Asians, a number of increasingly people think this case was race-related. After this murder case, it pushed Asians into a hate crime atmosphere. The Asian civil rights groups, current officials at all levels, and Chinese associations across United States came out with condemnation statements and emphasized that racial hate crime must be stopped. On the other hand, the hash “#StopAsianHate” topped Twitter and people of all races, genders and ages takes to the street in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington to protest against Asian hate. Meanwhile, all kinds of celebrities are the first time to stand out, attack the crime and support the Asian community. NBA officials twitted that “ Last night’s tragic events in Atlanta are part of a disturbing rise in violence and discrimination towards Asian Americans. Today and every day, we stand with the Asian community and condemn all acts of hate and racism.”

This is a classical example of systemic injustice. The Asian community is always easy to ignore. The essence of problem about injustice for Asian American is voice totally weak. As a saying goes from China, tolerate temporary calm the broader picture. However, the Asian community can no longer be silent. We should support each other and fight back when faced with threats and crimes. In recent years, accompanying with rise of Asians in America, an increasing number of Non-Asian Americans begins to hate and discriminate Asian Americans. This is largely because they see immigrant Asians as “one” from “others” described in our course. These Non-Asian Americans think Asians rob a number of job opportunities and fortune. For instance, Asians have remained a quite political and cultural force around Atlanta over the past few decades. In this situation, Asian Americans should unite to confront the racial discrimination.


Sources from: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/03/17/us/shooting-atlanta-acworth

9 thoughts on “Diary of Systemic Injustice Showcase: Stop Asian Hate

  1. I heard about this horrible shooting in Atlanta, that is horrible. Asian hate is only something I feel like I have been hearing about recently but Im sure it has gone on forever. I feel like as we progress as a society it will hopefully come to an end.

  2. This takes me back to our discussion about The Leavers, a book we just happened to read during this time of great discrimination and violence towards Asian-Americans. During my research for one of our Diaries of Systemic Injustice, I talked about the effect of lockdowns on small businesses and the nature of small businesses often being owned by immigrants, who bring cooking techniques and recipes from their homelands in order to find a better life in America. A lot of the discussion around the issue of discrimination against Asian-Americans tends to be centered around specific acts of violence, but the forced closings of small business, which I personally see as a destruction of someone’s livelihood, is a far greater threat to prosperity than many of the isolated instances many are discussing in the wake of these events.

  3. Hi,
    I quite understand your will of writing this, since I also wrote this topic in one of my diaries.
    The truth is that there are still hatred and stereotype towards Asian people as a whole group in U.S. society, but I do think that we can change this situation by proclaiming our own rights. Under the advocate of news and social media, people, especially young people nowadays, are more and more aware of the status of Asian people and start to help them.

  4. I read a news article about this tragic event earlier this week and I was astounded by the responses of the Asian community, as I was unaware that hate crimes against the group were on the rise. I think it’s great that you have decided to look deeper into this event and discuss discrimination against Asians because recently this topic has been brought to the forefront of media due to mass shootings as well as COVID-19. To spot this injustice we need to understand why people discriminate against Asian Americans. Is it because of their skin color or is it deeper than that?

  5. When I first saw the incidents in Atlanta, I felt terrible. Because not only am I Asian, but I also have been there. These Asian hate issues have to be resolved because all races are equal in the United States. Particularly after the covid, many racial issues, including BLM and Asian Hate movements, have come up, and these things have to be resolved well as we cooperate.

  6. First of all, when I heard about this incident in Atlanta, my mood was very bad and I was shocked at the same time. As an international student from Asia, I feel very sad about this happening. I also hope that the Asian people can unite and fight for their rights. I also believe that such things will pass.

  7. Hearing about the events in Atlanta made me devastated but it also made me realize how many other harmful and hateful attacks I have been blind to. Hate crimes and racist attacks happen every day and most of them go without being acknowledged which is awful and needs to be changed. I really hope the world takes steps in the direction of healing and hopefully reduces the numbers of attacks and hate crimes.

  8. Hi,
    There are many Asian Hate Crime cases happened recently. This is a very serious situation for Asian community, it is very similar to what happened last year of BLM. Hate Crime will lead to a horrible consequence. We should all focus on how serious these cases are and stop the systematic injustice towards Asian.

  9. When I saw this news, as an overseas student from Asia, I felt shocked and sad at the same time. Racial discrimination still exists widely in the society now. I hope Asian people can unite together to tide over the difficulties, which is worth paying attention to.

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