Week 4: Nonviolent Campaigns: Effectiveness and necessity

There are many factors included in preparing for a nonviolent protest campaign that will inevitably equal a better outcome from the start.  As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. states in his Jailhouse letter, they start with “collection of the facts to determine whether injustices are alive, negotiation, self-purification, and direct action.”  This factors already bring a heightened clarity to the issue from the start. They keep the disadvantaged aware of the goal at hand, the process that needs to be taken and is just naturally a more organized event. Knowledge is power. Knowledge keeps both parties aware of the issue at hand. Violence negates it. Nonviolent movements are moral, gain more respect and are found to have a greater potential to achieve the results wanted.

Violent acts garner more of just that, violence thus diminishing the real reason for acting. While it is stated that there is a fine line between good tension and bad tension. If the line rest more on the nonviolent action it increases the results for the disadvantaged.  It is still conflict vs resolution and violence only engulf the conflict.

On another note, nonviolent campaigns do not always mean that the advantaged group will not react themselves in violence. Many times, as noted by John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, their acts of nonviolent campaigns ended up with themselves being beaten and/or arrested. This adds yet another layer to the issue at hand, that because of these arrests when they were initially a nonviolent protest, they could then turn violent. They turn to violence because as shown from John Lewis and Martin Luther King Jr, nonviolent protests do not save them from being arrested.


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38 thoughts on “Week 4: Nonviolent Campaigns: Effectiveness and necessity

  1. In remarks to the ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I couldn’t agree more. When people begin to argue and become violent, it seems like they lose the whole perceptive of why they were protesting in the first place. It’s like having an argument with a sibling and then someone ends up crossing the line (and things get really ugly). By the time the both of you are finished, you most likely won’t remember what the fight was even about. In the peaceful approach of protesting, the more peaceful a group can be with the getting the point across . . . I think the more successful they will be!

  2. I think your post does a great job of highlighting the differences between what makes a protest effective or ineffective. I also agree that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. emphasizes that even if there is systemic injustice on a small scale in a small location, there is a threat to civil rights everywhere. The line between putting enough pressure on lawmakers and triggering violence is so fine, but the Letter from Birmingham Jail could not have articulated this better.

  3. Your post this week was well written and really did a great job speaking on violent protesting vs. non-violent protesting, I really liked when you wrote about how non-violent protesting is moral and respected and will have greater results. I defiantly agree with that statement, we have seen in the news in 2020 how the peaceful protest of the BLM movement was way more effective than the protesting that became violent and disruptive. Your post really did a great job distinguishing the two and showing how they are different from one another.

  4. This post was very well rounded and approached every side to the “debate” being discussed. I especially like the part about the non violent protests and how they don’t always end nonviolent and thats not at the hands of those protesting. Our history has many instances where people were having a peaceful protest and at the hands of those in authority it became violent. At the end of the day regardless how other people react, staying peaceful is the best way to approach a protest.

  5. I think it is really important to note that nonviolent campaigns don’t necessarily mean that the reaction from the other party will not be violence. Violence definitely does more harm than good. Violence definitely delays a final solution to any conflict. It brings up even more and we see that both John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had the wisdom to understand that. This is where we see how strong and essential their legacies actually were.

  6. The way you contrasted between the effects of violent and non-violent campaigns was very well spoken on. I agree that violence adds more fuel to the fire and should not be a go-to response for when advantaged others are not listening. And I also love how you addressed the fact that even with non-violent campaigns, violence can still occur, despite how peaceful the disadvantaged are. It is a very difficult issue to talk about, because in the moment it feels like there is no winning if no one will listen, but with patience and peace, the disadvantaged will eventually get the results they want and deserve.

  7. Great post! I really liked your comment of violence overtaking the original purpose for action. Whether a movement was violent or nonviolent ties into its legacy and how it will be viewed by future generations as well. Movements can span decades or centuries, and previous generations can influence later generations. The Civil Rights Movement is known for its nonviolent protests, and I think it’s had a very profound impact on peaceful protests till this day, such as the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer. Like you said, however, that doesn’t stop aggressors from acting out and there can still be violence forced against peaceful protestors such as Dr. King and John Lewis.

  8. Your post regarding nonviolent and violent protest was very well written and described in great detail. By describing how violence can heighten previous tensions and possibly make the situation worse than before, and then showing the other side of nonviolence and how people respect it more and can lead to a better output was a good contrast of the two. Then, using Martin Luther King Jr., who was known for his nonviolent protests, was a great example because he never wanted to use violence in order to attempt to make a change, but rather use nonviolence to show the world change can be made using peace and reason. Overall, I think you gave a great description of the difference between the use of violence and nonviolence for protests.

  9. You did a great job comparing the nonviolent protest campaign and the violent acts. I agree with your point that nonviolent movement is a better and more effective way of solving problems as both groups can stay calm, keeping what they can to achieve in mind. I like the point you mentioned in the last paragraph that some nonviolent acts ended up turning to violence since the advantaged group react in violence. This is one reason why, although people realize nonviolent protest is a better way of solving problems, they still ended up in violence.

  10. It is amazing how you came up with this paragraph! I definitely agree your point that nonviolent movements are always better and can make better results than violent campaigns or movements. Also, your point that in reactions toward nonviolent movements, the advantaged groups do not always act in nonviolence, and it becomes problem if they start the violence. I like your points. Your article is overall awesome beautiful and well organized! good job

  11. You did a great job in elaborating the differences between violent and nonviolent protests. The point of how even nonviolent protests can turn violent was a very strong point. While reading “March” we can see that even through the peaceful sitins, the protestors experienced beatings and jail time. This is similar to the BLM marches today, as the protests are peaceful marches but then protestors are brought with tear gas and beatings. I think the point you brought up today was strong and well written!

  12. Inequality has always existed in the United States from the past to the present. Blacks have always been treated unfairly in the United States. Martin Luther King preached non-violence, and he also reminded blacks not to be bound by hatred when fighting for freedom. He said: “In the process of striving for a reasonable position, we must never commit evil deeds; when we are hungry for freedom, we must not drink the water in the cup of pain and hatred.” Pursue freedom, get rid of slavery, and let the oppressed To be released, these are of course consistent with the Christian spirit. And forgiveness, peace, and love for the enemy, these are the most surpassing aspects of Jesus’ teaching. “I Have a Dream” is an iconic speech of the American Civil Rights Movement. It has inspired thousands of black people, and even if they listen to it today, they will be moved to tears by this speech. Martin Luther King, as the leader of the civil rights movement, is a bit like a prophet. He did not see the day when the civil rights movement won in his lifetime.

  13. I absolutely agree with you that non-violent sports are always better than violent sports or sports, and they are more effective and get better results. Even with non-violent campaigns, violence can still occur. Advantageous groups do not always act non-violently. If they start violent, it will become a problem. People think that non-violence can solve the problem better

  14. I quite agree with you that violence is not right. Martin Luther King’s contribution in this regard is outstanding. He is like a prophet who does not use violence to solve problems and make changes. There is no doubt that there is a huge difference between the results of violence and non-violence

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