Trial Post, Trial Comments

Hello and welcome to the class blog for Section Finver! Though you will mostly be participating in small groups of 14-15 students in your discussion posts on Carmen, on the blog, all 60 students in Section Finver will be posting here. When we start posting Context Presentations, you will be welcome to comment on anyone’s post, even if they are not from your usual small group.

For now, please comment on this post with your favorite dance move (and keep it appropriate; this is a public blog!). For your edification, my favorite move is Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, though I’ve never been able to do it successfully.


65 thoughts on “Trial Post, Trial Comments

  1. My favorite dance move would have to be the “Woah,” it is definitely a newer dance move but a ton of people use it in today’s dances and culture.

  2. My favorite dance dance move at the moment would have to be the griddy. Even though I’m probably bad at it, it’s fun to watch a lot of pro athletes do it to celebrate.

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