Executive Board

 2018- 2019 Executive Board 

https://u.osu.edu/crpsa/files/2015/12/long-headshot-2a1x4l5.jpgPresident: Emily Long

Emily is a current graduate student, of Ohio State University’s Master of City and Regional Planning program, interested in community development and neighborhood revitalization. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management, Leadership and Policy from the Glenn College at OSU giving her a unique perspective on planning with a political lens. Emily currently works at Planning NEXT, but has previously worked with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, the City of Dublin, Smart Columbus, and the Columbus Foundation. Outside of work and school, Emily loves traveling, exploring Columbus neighborhoods, painting, and spending time with friends and family, especially her baby niece, Izzy.

alt=Vice President: Taylor Brill

Taylor is currently a senior pursuing her B.S. in City and Regional Planning with a minor in Architecture. Her planning interests include urban design, environmental psychology, urban ecology and placemaking. Outside of coursework, she enjoys reading, crafting, working out, and traveling. Her favorite city that she’s visited is Portland, Oregon.

Secretary: Abby Anacki

Abby is a second-year MCRP student from Akron, Ohio. She attended Ohio State for her undergraduate degree where she studied landscape architecture. She has experience working in both the public and private sectors of planning and development and currently interns at Planning NEXT. Abby’s background in landscape architecture brings an understanding of a sense of place and environment, while city and regional planning satisfies her love of large-scale and long-term intervention, public outreach, and the overall improvement, preservation, and celebration of different communities.

Treasurer: Dashiell Loganhttps://u.osu.edu/crpsa/files/2019/08/DashBioPic-01-e1565130541739.png

Dashiell is a second-year MCRP student from Long Island, New York. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Policy and Analysis, Specialized in Sustainability from Bowling Green State University. Currently, he works as an Intern in the Develpment Department for Grove City, Ohio, where he performs a number of different tasks ranging from zoning code research to GIS Mapping, and other special projects that arise. Dashiell’s planning interests include Land Use, Urban Design, and Sustainability.

Social Chair: Taylor Axene

Taylor will be graduating in 2020 with a Master’s in City & Regional Planning. She holds an Associate of Arts, a BA in Arts Administration from The Ohio State University and a Minor in City and Regional Planning. While working on her undergraduate degree, Taylor wrote a research thesis titled “Creative Connections: Neighborhood and Cultural Development” with a focus on creative cities. Taylor currently interns at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission where she works with the Central Ohio Greenways Board, and assists with increasing greenways trail mileages and use of trails for recreational and transportation needs. Her city planning interests include economic development, transit oriented development, historic preservation, creative placemaking, and urban design. Her favorite city that she has visited is Edinburgh, Scotland.

https://u.osu.edu/crpsa/files/2019/08/Hunter-01.jpgAPA Chair: Hunter Rayfield

Hunter is a second year MCRP student. Before starting the MCRP program Hunter graduated from OSU with a Bachelors in City and Regional Planning with a Minor in German. He is currently an intern with the DriveOhio division of the Ohio Department of Transportation. His passion is how transportation and technology intersect, particularly in the area of autonomous and connected vehicles.

https://u.osu.edu/crpsa/files/2019/08/Gerika-01.jpgPlanner’s Day in School Chair: Gerika Logan

Gerika is a second-year MCRP student from Columbus, Ohio. She graduated in 2018 from Ohio University with her Bachelors of Science in Communications with a minor in Geography. Her planning interests include historic preservation, economic development, and public transportation planning. Outside of the classroom, Gerika enjoys cooking and photography. Her favorite city is San Fransisco, CA.

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