Welcome to the Internship Program website for OSU’s City & Regional Planning Program! Please click on the recording below to watch a short video about our internship program. (You can also download the video transcript.)



All students in the MCRP program are required to complete a planning-related internship. This internship requirement is critical to the students’ success in their careers for several reasons:

  1. Real-world planning – having the opportunity to work as planners while in school helps them understand the realities of planning practice and its various specialties, which helps inform their interests and focus areas of study.
  2. Resume-building and networking – having planning-related internship experience on their resumes helps them get jobs upon graduation.
  3. Preparing for a planning career – internships help students succeed in their careers because they are more prepared for the real world upon graduation.


This website contains information for our partners who are interested in hiring one or more of our students as an intern. It is organized around the following webpages:

  • Current Students: information on students currently looking for internships
    • Access to current student information is password protected, so please email us to request access
  • Program Overview: overview of the internship program, FAQs, and our partners
  • Hiring Guidance: best practice guidance on hiring an intern
  • Testimonials: student testimonials about their experiences with the internship program
  • Contact Us: contact information for OSU faculty and staff who manage the internship program