Blog 5 – Elephants

The University District plan has clear and distinct guidelines for the developments within the 2.9 square miles of space. The area is separated into land set aside for “Institutional” use, “Parks and Recreation” use, and residential use. Currently, the plan recommends small pockets of university-owned “Institution” land throughout the more residential areas of the University District, but from observations of developments throughout the history of the Ohio State University, they could rapidly expand in the future. The plan has set a goal to use the land they were given in the most efficient way possible for not only the university but also for the students and other residents within the boundaries of the University District.

The plan presented in the university district plan seems inclusive to everyone within the University district area, whether you’re an Ohio State student, a child attending any of the neighboring schools or just visiting the city. Schools and parks within the Weinland Park neighborhood have been updated along with homes. A new library has been added to High Street, which is beneficial to anyone in the surrounding area. High Street has been revitalized with many new stores, restaurants and the short north is consistently adapting to please its consistent visitors and bring new ones. The plans presented in the University district plan promotes inclusivity by having something for everyone within its 2.9 miles.

One thing you see the most in the district that follows the guidelines are all the new mixed-use residential buildings. Now some things are a little different, but they are moving at a fast rate and you’re able to see that almost daily. You can see from the plan and in person that they are putting the highest densities on High Street between Lane and Fifth, just like the plan. You’re able to see the more walkable stores and fast food restaurants. There are plans to make Columbus a friendlier walking city through more crosswalks and bike lanes and wider sidewalks. Everything is planned within walking distance, so you don’t need to drive from place to place. Columbus is using overall greener spaces or setting goals to use greener ways for transportation.  Columbus is constantly updating and already has very sufficient public transit in the area. Also, one of the goals was to get rid of parking in certain areas and they have done that, but not to the extent they had hoped. In some areas, there is still street parking that causes traffic mostly on High Street. Overall, we believe that most of the goals are being accomplished or within reach.

Blog 4 – Elephants

Countless students, faculty, perspectives, tourists, and Columbus natives utilize this specific pathway that marks the beginning of the eastern edge of campus. Beginning at High Street, it leads to many dorms that thousands of students call home. This walkway is an important gateway to the heart of campus life, but is usually unrecognized due to its simplicity. With the position it is in, being close to the night scene and off campus areas, safety becomes a priority. This walkway offers little in terms of the lighting needed to ensure students safe passage home, especially on weekend nights when many return very late. Implementing artwork could have many positive effects in highlighting this area as the important entrance to campus it is, and making it safer due to more lighting opportunities and increased awareness of the space from people around the area.


UC Berkeley Seal

Boston University Seal

This walkway is used every day by not only students, but professors, alumni, and proud parents every day. It is a gateway for Buckeye fans as they travel to and from the stadium from High Street, but it’s unbelievably boring. It’s not noticeable or distinguishable from any other brick path. Our plan is to place an OSU seal right in the middle of the entrance onto North Campus. Walking around, there isn’t much to distinguish North Campus from any other university. With a seal in the brick, we could definitely call this North walkway our own. We drew our inspiration from the sea on South Campus on the oval. We also noticed seals on other heavily used pathways at other universities, such as Boston University who, like OSU, has a heavy tradition surrounding it. Seeing a seal on the ground would create a space that inspires school spirit and a sense of place.

Fountain Orlando

Purdue Water Fountain

Indiana University fountain

Indiana University Fountain

02 New York Washington Square Park With Washington Arch And Fountain From NYU Kimmel Center

New York University Fountain

We also explored the possibility of adding a water feature to this location. We believe that it would make the whole area look better overall and also provide lighting to an otherwise darker area. Our goal here was to make this location as inviting as possible during the day and at night. One of our ideas is to add lights into the water feature so at night it will add color and light for passersby to enjoy and deter most crime that would possibly take place in a poorly lit area. We got this idea of a water feature because often, big corporations have them around their headquarters creating an inviting, yet powerful presence. There are always people taking pictures or videos of these features, or just hanging out around them. We thought adding features to this area would it recognizable and provide a sense of place. Overall, adding water to this area would create not just a recognizable point of campus, but also a space for both students and visitors alike to enjoy.

Monetary support is necessary to see our ideas become reality. To add visually pleasing and helpful features, we need to be backed by people who understand and support the growth and beautification of the Ohio State University. One of the few people we thought could help finance our project ideas is the university itself. The Ohio State University Campus security should be very supportive of our idea, as it will light the walkway, making students, staff, and community members feel safer while walking at night. Another supporter could be the many clubs around campus. The lights included in the water feature could be multicolored and be set for different events and occasions. Red and white for game days, pink for breast cancer awareness month, and even rainbow for pride month. Finally, we could also ask different fraternities and sororities or even alumni if they would be interested in helping fundraise for the different features. We would offer surrounding bricks where a donor’s name would be stamped in, becoming an important part of the Ohio State University.

Blog 3 – Elephants

Setbacks – The image is a side view of Thompson Library. In this image, you can see the setbacks leading up to the library with lots of space leading up to the library on all sides. I believe this is an appropriate use of setbacks due to the importance and significance Thompson library has on campus. Such a central and historical building should hold value in the eyes of those that use it every day, and the use of setbacks helps create an air of importance around it.

Accessibility – While the oval is undergoing construction for the tunnels, some of the piping is above ground causing several routes to be blocked off. This doesn’t pose an issue for those who can walk over the piping but those who might be in a wheelchair, crutches, etc. would have difficulty. Ohio State/ENGIE built a ramp to make the passage more accessible to all. There is only one ramp but most of the area is gated off so I think it’s as inclusive as it can currently be.

Building use – The Blackwell Hotel is a prominent building on campus. It’s located next to the business school in full view of the stadium. It’s the only hotel located on campus and its booked up for months. It’s rooms host high-class business meetings and boasts rooms at minimum $200 a night. This hotel has unreasonable pricing and holds a monopoly over hotels on campus, being the only option available for parents visiting students. This building doesn’t make sense as it is unreasonably priced and forces most parents to search somewhere else for an overnight stay.

Street Safety – This image is of the crossroads of Tuttle Park and Ives (right by Knowlton). Looking at this picture you can see that at times it does have traffic. During times of heavy congestion, the roads are very unsafe for those trying to cross. There is no traffic crossing light for pedestrians or even a crossing sign to warn drivers. Because a lot of people speed down this street after classes there should be something to give drivers a heads up just in case someone is about to cross. But besides a better crosswalk, the rest of the area is well designed. The sidewalks are wide enough and the roads are spaced out so drivers are not super close to the pedestrians.

Sidewalks – The sidewalks around campus are a telltale sign of where you are. South campus has thinner, winding, sometimes brick paths throughout. This shows how old campus really is and the history of the land. North, being a newer part of campus, is mostly wide cement walkways with some brick laid as a stylistic choice. These wider spaces are more friendly and accommodating to the droves of students on their way to class. The sidewalk in this picture is one on north campus and is wide enough to contain all the Buckeye fans as they pour into the Shoe on game day. The wide sidewalks offer a safe place for pedestrians to walk out of the way of cars in the street.

Blog Post 2 – Elephants

Worry: This picture shows a new apartment building being built on high street and next to it are old buildings that have been on high street for a while. This image represents a worrisome emotion because many of the clubs/ dining options/ etc are being taken away from high street and transformed into apartments which will take a away from the students “college experience”. This also causes a worrisome emotion because many of these apartments are not affordable for students, and these high rents could influence current landlords around campus to increase their rents to maximize their profits.


Pride-Hope- Sadness: This photo of this ATM can show many emotions. In a rare occasion, it can show pride because some students save their money. But if you’re like most college students it can show hope and sadness. It shows hope because after a long spending spree of junk food, alcohol, etc. there’s a hopeful feeling that you still have money in your account. It also shows sadness because after you check your balance it shows that you may have a negative balance.


Frustration: This picture shows someone’s bike that was dismantled by someone else with the intention of stealing their wheel. I choose frustration because this action makes High Street a less than ideal place, and adds a level of worry that all must hold when living on and around the area knowing that unfortunate activities like this and others occur.


Grief. The final resting place of both Too’s and The O, both places where Ohio State students had made lifelong friends and memories, now just an empty pit. What once were rooms filled with students looking for relief after long days of exams, assignments, and grading is now rubble. This image displays grief not only as sadness but also the annoyance and aggravation knowing that this pit, like the others across campus will most likely become the luxury apartments that students cannot afford.


Gratitude- Buckeye donuts provides a feeling of gratitude due to the fact that its open 24/7 and it has donuts that are affordable for students. Studying late at night and having the option to get donuts of so many flavors is something I think all college students can be thankful for. It also provides a feeling of gratitude because it is one of the buildings that have yet to be ripped out and turned into an apartment building.