Blog 6

Site: Terrance Place – 81 E 9th St. Columbus, OH 43201
Site Characteristics:  Franklin county auditor, city of Columbus zoning map

Name of the Property: Terrance Place

Owner/Manager: Community Housing Network and Ohio State

Type of Funding: Financed by local and regional organizations including Affordable Housing Trust for Columbus and Franklin County, City of Columbus and Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

Population Served: Chronic Homeless and mentally ill

Year Built: 2015

Number of Buildings: 1

Number of Units: 60

Land Use Classification: 680 charitable / hospital

Square Footage of Building: 5200

Total Assessed Value:$2.45 million

Aesthetics:Terrance Place matches the aesthetics of Gateway and the other new builds going up on campus. Although the complex doesn’t match the surrounding campus housing of single and double family homes it is much cleaner and better maintained. It perfectly matches the luxury apartment complex next to it.
Maintenance: The maintenance of the property and landscape are well maintained. The apartment complex is clean with no signs of disrepair and well-maintained landscape and parking lots. This complex is aesthetically cleaner and nicer than the other side of the street, which is campus housing for students.
Nearby businesses and type:The complex is closely located to Gateway and High Street, which provides tenants easy access to many bus routes and connections, as well as retail locations. The complex is one block away from Gateway with its numerous restaurants, services and retail locations. The closest grocery store, Kroger, is located on King Ave. just four blocks away within walkability and can also be access by bus routes.



  •  Set buffer  and see crime data at 500ft, 1000ft, .25miles, and .5 miles
  • When .5 mile, use density map to examine crime
  •  500 ft robbery and theft mostly
  • 1000ft mostly theft and robbery, some assault too
  • .25 miles mostly theft and robbery, some assault and weapons and graffiti

Property values and education

  •  Zillow zestimate – 2.45 million
  •  Nearby properties are mostly campus housing or apartment complexes or university buildings. The average price of the surrounding properties were around $500,000.