Blog 5 – Elephants

The University District plan has clear and distinct guidelines for the developments within the 2.9 square miles of space. The area is separated into land set aside for “Institutional” use, “Parks and Recreation” use, and residential use. Currently, the plan recommends small pockets of university-owned “Institution” land throughout the more residential areas of the University District, but from observations of developments throughout the history of the Ohio State University, they could rapidly expand in the future. The plan has set a goal to use the land they were given in the most efficient way possible for not only the university but also for the students and other residents within the boundaries of the University District.

The plan presented in the university district plan seems inclusive to everyone within the University district area, whether you’re an Ohio State student, a child attending any of the neighboring schools or just visiting the city. Schools and parks within the Weinland Park neighborhood have been updated along with homes. A new library has been added to High Street, which is beneficial to anyone in the surrounding area. High Street has been revitalized with many new stores, restaurants and the short north is consistently adapting to please its consistent visitors and bring new ones. The plans presented in the University district plan promotes inclusivity by having something for everyone within its 2.9 miles.

One thing you see the most in the district that follows the guidelines are all the new mixed-use residential buildings. Now some things are a little different, but they are moving at a fast rate and you’re able to see that almost daily. You can see from the plan and in person that they are putting the highest densities on High Street between Lane and Fifth, just like the plan. You’re able to see the more walkable stores and fast food restaurants. There are plans to make Columbus a friendlier walking city through more crosswalks and bike lanes and wider sidewalks. Everything is planned within walking distance, so you don’t need to drive from place to place. Columbus is using overall greener spaces or setting goals to use greener ways for transportation.  Columbus is constantly updating and already has very sufficient public transit in the area. Also, one of the goals was to get rid of parking in certain areas and they have done that, but not to the extent they had hoped. In some areas, there is still street parking that causes traffic mostly on High Street. Overall, we believe that most of the goals are being accomplished or within reach.

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