Blog 4: Arts & Urban Revitalization

Names: Jack Barron, Sam Jallaq, Haley Jaynes, Gabrielle Smith & John Smith  

Over the course of our walk on High Street, we found two lackluster locations. The first location we scouted was the Donato’s Pizza on High and Frambes, jutting out from other buildings.

One of the walls, the large black wall facing North, is misused, wasted, and it could be repurposed into a location for a nice art installation. The best proposal for the wall is a mural projection bulletin board hybrid with a bench in front. Our second idea was for the underground mall.

The mall, as it is underground is already somewhat hidden, in turn, we would like to bring more attention to it by creating a unique, and what can only be described as Narnia-esque area. In turn, the above suggestions will drastically improve these areas on High St.

Returning to the first issue, there are several parts to the Donato’s mural. Firstly, we would use florescent paint in order to ensure the mural is easily differentiable from the wall. Secondly, the mural, Block O, leaves the center unfilled to place the projection inside it, to take a picture frame aesthetic. Additionally, there will be a nice bench in front of the mural for a better photo opportunity. This mural has two different appeals, during the day it will be a great place, as referenced before, for photos however at night, the fluorescent paint will illuminate the O and frame the projection which contains photos, ads, and events. The Donato’s wall is a prime area for new art on High Street.

The other major art installation, the underground mall will be more of an architectural art addition rather than a ‘normal’ art piece. For the outside, as mentioned before, we would like to alter it significantly. The idea set forth, is a deconstructed house, alike to the ruins of reminiscent Ancient Athens, with brick instead of marble. When- walking into the ruins, you are enveloped in light from the bulbs leading the eye naturally to the doors of the mall. Additionally, there are fairy doors in the brick siding to leave positive, encouraging messages for visitors to build neighborhood comradery. The new façade for the underground mall would be amazing for the community and the business.

In regard to policy, we feel as if both installations shouldn’t need any major public policy initiatives. For the bulletin board, we would use local businesses to fund the projection by having paid advertisements. Additionally, you will be able to tag yourself at the Donato’s location, which will provide an incentive to pay for it as its online advertising, for them. Also, the tagged photos will appear on the projection as well. In turn, public policy shouldn’t be a factor as this is a private wall and a private endeavor. For the underground mall, other than maybe a lighting ordinance, it may be necessary to approach town hall in order to find out how bright the lights can be, but the mall should pay for the creation of the new façade. Funding and policy for these tow art pieces should be of little consequence.

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