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Blog 4 : Team Upper Classmen


The area that we chose is on the corner of Lane and High Street. This is where the new apartment complex called Wilson Place has recently popped up. Below it, there is a new Chipotle and Starbucks. This building complex is undeveloped at the ground level and unattractive as a major sidewalk intersection. The barrier wall is light bricks with noticeable mortar and no decoration. Our group agrees that this building brings decreases the aesthetic of High Street as a whole, a city that prides itself on its hipster and youthful art district. We all think that a way to improve this very industrial and unattractive building could be though the implementation of city approved street art or sculptures.



Our first idea would take place on the brick that lines the area between the building and the sidewalk. (pictured below)

Here, we would add a mural to the actual brick, so people would be attracted to the procession that the wall offers and the ground level it is attached to. We want it to work with the same idea that the mural on High and 13th Avenue does. (mural pictured below)

More specifically, we would want a local artist, possibly the same artist to the one who did the above mural. This would be fun and vibrant colors painted in a lively and artistic way. The wall would contain important names of streets and buildings that High Street organizes. This can be achieved with vibrant colors and a contrasting facade style than the Starbucks and Chipotle directly behind it. This would add a sense of liveliness to the otherwise bland bricks that line the sidewalk. (drawing pictured below)


For our second idea, we would stay in the same location, but instead of utilizing the brick we would focus on the area by the undecorated street pole on the corner. (pictured below)

We are planning on adding a half circle structure to wrap around the poll, because a half circle curb has already been installed. The shape would be extruded from the curb. The design strategy will be a facade of an old Columbus streetcar. Streetcars used to be an important transportation service for Columbus, and there likely would have been a stop on the busy intersection of Lane and High. (based off of picture below)

This facade would function as a bulletin board for people to post about local events. (drawing pictured below)

In terms of feasibility for both of our ideas, the money could hopefully come from donations. This art piece would cost more than the mural, especially because the crosswalk button would need to be rewired off of the street pole and onto the streetcar facade. It could be possible to outsource work to a local custom metal manufacturer so the entire structure can be molded in as few pieces as possible. The actual installation of the streetcar would be less difficult.

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