The Upperclassmen Blog 3- Jayne Farrah, Hudson Wagenbrenner, Colin D’Emilio, Eian Patel, Michael Gannaio

We thought that this area on campus more south was a great representation of the ramp use on campus and was great for people with wheelchairs. One thing that I thought was great was there would be a set of stairs and on the other side there would be a ramp that was not too steep as to make it hard for a person in a wheelchair. One way that I think that would be more inclusive for people with disabilities would be to properly think of what a disability is. In reality, a disability is not just a leg disability but could be a number of things that could range from mental to sight and the way people see things that does not match up to the flow of the natural order.


At least at this point on the street the street feels like a good width for cars to come and go at a comfortable pace without a congested feeling. Generally when the street is skinnier, the road feels tight and traffic is often times pretty bad because people generally go slower when there is less space to work with. The wider the street is generally makes for good flow of the traffic and creates more room for parking on the side of the road as well.


The building use of this white stone really makes it unique in comparison to the other buildings and their style, and theme. The buildings on either side of this building are brown and reddish brick which really makes this building stand out in a bold way. Not only is the color bold, but also is the style this building is. It seems like this building is ornamented with some designs along the white stone. None of the other buildings contain these designs on them. Our conclusion is that this building is not in sync with the buildings around it.


We would say that the setback for this building is not appropriate with the overall theme of the neighborhood. The modern look to the building indeed speaks a newer more progressive theme and the building behind it speaks an older and more traditional look. This can be shown by the use of brick as opposed to this building displaying large see through glass which usually is used in newer more modern styles. Usually a neighborhood has a certain feel and style to it and when there are a bunch of buildings with brick and then a large building with large glass panels it makes it seem out of sync in comparison to the other buildings in the neighborhood.


The sidewalks in this area feel natural and free and give plenty of space to pedestrians.  The sidewalks in this area feel very new and are almost giving off an artistic feel to them because they really open up to the academic part of campus or they kind of open up to the commercial part of the campus. There is not many bad things about this section of sidewalk on campus. It seems very open and makes for good circulation through this part of the campus. Some ways that the sidewalks could be improved might be to have a lot of the sidewalks on high street on the opposite part of the street to be this wide so that there can be better circulation especially at night.



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