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19th Avenue and Street Safety

This road is one of the most unsafe roads on North Campus. Between Woodruff and 18th, 19th Ave separates chemistry lab and classroom buildings. Compared to it’s neighboring streets, 19th lacks pedestrian pathways with either a light or sign. The traffic flow can get pretty congested, mainly because of inadequate parking or pick-up spaces, traffic lights, and accessibility for students. The use of buildings on this road is really good for chemistry students because their labs and classrooms usually agglomerate in this area


The Oval and Accessibility Issues

Due to construction of the Oval, some paths are blocked by fences. The main row attaches many smaller pathways to each other. The Oval is like the crossroads campus, so many students walk through this area everyday. It is important to keep areas like this accessible to accommodate for pedestrian transportation.

John H. Herrick Drive and Accessibility/Sidewalk use

The walking path that snakes along John H. Herrick in the eastern direction just suddenly stops. If continued down the road, it could connect to bus stop, but the park takes out that space. You have to cross a busy road two times to get to a major bus stop. This creates a accessibility issue and poor sidewalk planning.

John H. Herrick Drive and Traffic Flow issues

While there was an issue with accessibility in the previous example, there is also traffic issues. The EMS entrance to the hospital is located right next to a bus stop AND a major parking garage. This creates a lot of traffic, whether that be emergency vehicles, normal pedestrian cars, pedestrians crossings, and buses.

Woody Hayes Drive and Accessibility Issues

The use of stairs here is great for pedestrians to access the top of this gradual incline. Although, if you are handicapped, there is no other way for you to access this higher point and reach the sidewalk if need be. There are no ramps or smooth surfaces to allow for wheelchairs or anything of the like.


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