The Pricks- Blog 3

Building use: Mendoza House on north campus is a building that looks out of place by location and style. The campus housing building looks like a building that should be in south campus that retains its late 1800s charm instead of the new modern buildings of north campus. Also is strange to have this housing next to class room building and along Woodruff Ave, where many people and cars pass by creating noise issues for dwellers living on street level.

Traffic flow: Ohio state has tried to alleviate traffic through there cabs service. Without the bus service everyone who works or commutes to school would have to park on campus creating more traffic and parking issues. The bus allows traffic to stay outside of campus and helps with parking.

Street Safety: All around campus there are street lights and pedestrian crosswalks to allow students to safely cross busy roads. Many cars go through campus while simultaneously many people walk around campus going to class. Cross walks show when people can cross and how long the light will stay red.

Sidewalks. All throughout campus, sidewalks are well spaced with enough room for two or more people to walk side to side. This sidewalk is a fail. Only one person can safely walk through. Many times multiple people are walking by or crossing at the cross walk at this point and because it’s so tight it comprises peoples safety because this is a decently busy road and many people have to step into the street or go one by one.

Setbacks: Supposedly until November, most of the oval is closed for underground construction and because of that many people traveling from south to north or north to south have to find alternate, long route to get around. The oval is the center of our university where people walk, run, hangout and congregate. As of now no one can do that and are forced to find other areas like the south oval which is much smaller and has less sentimental value.

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