Interpreting the City: Images, Elements, and Emotions

Pineapple Express


This picture of Ohio Union was chosen for pride because our group loves The Ohio State University and we feel fortunate to be students here. The Union exemplifies the pride we have in our school because of its size, beauty, and its place at the front of the university.


This photo of Buckeye Donuts makes me feel happiness because of all the good memories I associate with the place. I’ve been there at all hours of the day with close friends from all different groups, and those memories make me very fond of that location.


We chose this picture because we felt that bus stops are important places in a city. No one wants to go to the bus stop, but many people have to stop there to go somewhere else. Therefore, we chose this emotion, as people don’t really feel any sort of way towards a bus stop. Many people do not notice them until they must wait there.


We described this picture as an expression of loneliness because the Chinese style roof stands out among other typical buildings around it. This gives us a sense of loneliness in such an environment.


Seeing the city of Columbus adopt environmentally friendly and communal means of transportation invokes hope that we can take more steps towards a sustainable future for the city.

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