HI-5, Blog 2

Contempt, A feeling that struck us in this photo was the feeling of disregard. The particular circulation layout in the photo portrays a story of a contemptuous decision to the typical pedestrian. In other words, lacking those adequate necessities to create a form of comfort within this deep urban environment.

Wonder, We choose to pick this picture connecting with the emotion “wonder”. The picture shows the technique of perspective drawing which gives a sense of curiosity to the people. The overlapped pillars create a vision like mirror, and mirror has strong feelings with uncertainty and unknown. Therefore, people would link these feelings with the emotion of wonder.

Anxiety, Building up fences and walls make it a place is anxiety and being stuck. Building too many of these in a community separates people and causes a locked in anxious feeling.

Desire, At the intersection of 15th Ave and High Street, this map tile design was created in 1987. Most details are recognizable, yet there are current developments not reflected on the map. We chose this picture because of a planner’s desire to improve urban or regional areas through development and design over time.

Hope, This is a volunteer tomato plant growing up from the asphalt in the alley beside Mama’s Pasta and Brew and the buildings recently torn down at 15th and high. It represents both hope and wonder to me. Despite all our planning and structure and paving, life will find a way to grow in the spaces in between. Nature has a power that we can’t always plan for.

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