Bullwinkles is seen as the epitome of disgust for several members of our group. For those who have not had the displeasure of being inside Bulls, you are lucky. It is a dark, crowded, night club where one cannot leave without having their feet stepped on, drinks spilled on them, and much, much worse.

The construction which is all around campus brings our group frustration. We love Ohio State, and want to see our campus be beautiful. The construction is not only an eyesore to look at, but also brings bad thoughts to mind about our favorite campus locations being taken away from us to make room for Targets and apartments we can’t afford.

Columbus’ public transportation system, the COTA buses, bring many members of our group anxiety. Many do not know where the routes lead, as well as at what stops to get on and off.

We chose Buckeye Donuts as an example of happiness, because it is a staple of OSU’s campus. So many of our favorite places on campus are being torn down to make room for big, new projects such as luxury housing. While all of this is happening, Buckeye Donuts remains and it brings us joy.

The M being covered up on this sign is a symbol of pride for our group. Ohio State’s rivalry for That Team Up North is one that is forever unwavering, and a feeling instilled in every Buckeye’s heart. To walk by a sign where the M’s are covered, is to remember what it means to be a Buckeye, which we are all proud to be.

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