Blog Post 2 – Elephants

Worry: This picture shows a new apartment building being built on high street and next to it are old buildings that have been on high street for a while. This image represents a worrisome emotion because many of the clubs/ dining options/ etc are being taken away from high street and transformed into apartments which will take a away from the students “college experience”. This also causes a worrisome emotion because many of these apartments are not affordable for students, and these high rents could influence current landlords around campus to increase their rents to maximize their profits.


Pride-Hope- Sadness: This photo of this ATM can show many emotions. In a rare occasion, it can show pride because some students save their money. But if you’re like most college students it can show hope and sadness. It shows hope because after a long spending spree of junk food, alcohol, etc. there’s a hopeful feeling that you still have money in your account. It also shows sadness because after you check your balance it shows that you may have a negative balance.


Frustration: This picture shows someone’s bike that was dismantled by someone else with the intention of stealing their wheel. I choose frustration because this action makes High Street a less than ideal place, and adds a level of worry that all must hold when living on and around the area knowing that unfortunate activities like this and others occur.


Grief. The final resting place of both Too’s and The O, both places where Ohio State students had made lifelong friends and memories, now just an empty pit. What once were rooms filled with students looking for relief after long days of exams, assignments, and grading is now rubble. This image displays grief not only as sadness but also the annoyance and aggravation knowing that this pit, like the others across campus will most likely become the luxury apartments that students cannot afford.


Gratitude- Buckeye donuts provides a feeling of gratitude due to the fact that its open 24/7 and it has donuts that are affordable for students. Studying late at night and having the option to get donuts of so many flavors is something I think all college students can be thankful for. It also provides a feeling of gratitude because it is one of the buildings that have yet to be ripped out and turned into an apartment building.


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