Interpreting The City: Images, Elements & Emotions


Buckeye Donuts represents happiness as it is a neighborhood staple. It is open 24 hours and it offers delicious affordable food, with an authentic local charm.

Target exemplifies gratitude as it is now the most convenient and accessible place to get almost anything a college student could need, such as groceries and clothes.

The above picture is a stand-in for all the new expensive housing on High, creating a feeling of dread. The new housing is pricing out businesses and worrying students as landlords can raise rent insurmountably.

The COTA invokes curiosity as many people are either hesitant to take public transport or see it as extremely convenient after late nights on High. Additionally, it allows people to explore Columbus and reach areas that they would normally not have access too.

When viewing the above sidewalk, contempt is one of the many emotions felt as result of negligence over all the new development happening around campus and yet something as simple as the sidewalk is ignored. Also in the winter, they are almost impossible to traverse as ice sheets form and make it very dangerous.

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