New Kids on the Block: Mixed Use Village

The New Kids on the Block came up with an interesting way to use this land on the lot in the picture below. The idea that this district wants to be more welcoming and enjoying, we figured that having an all-in-one mixed use area would attract people to come the Bridge District.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.09.19 PM


The mixed used pedestrian villa will contain two lines of buildings in range from five through eight stories. The common use is from residential to commercial and office use. There will also be a Recreational center that welcomes public use and all parking is proposed to be in the rear leaving the in-between space for pedestrian use. Bridge District will propose night live attraction, with Shoppe’s, dining, recreation, theatre, and brewery.


Some elements that will make this village appeal to tourist and the people living in the communities are defined keys of Dublin. We would use materials like older stone and as well as modern stone to present character. We’ll also present lamp posts to help light the area at night.

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