Explore Nation: The Bridge Street District

We found that the three acre greenfield plot could have a few different uses. The surrounding area doesn’t include many places for entertainment, so we decided to focus on that aspect. The idea of a concert/entertainment center and venue would work well on the plot and in the context of the surrounding district. This venue would be made up of an indoor theatre area which includes a restaurant/bar and also an outdoor theatre venue. This site would be very suitable for professional young adults who are looking for something fun and entertaining to do. In addition, the venue would bring in more money and revenue to the area, along with some interesting performances and events.

We also thought that it’d be interesting to create a playground made for adults on this site. It’s been a pretty big hit in other cities around the nation, and it could be an important addition to this district. This playground or recreational jungle gym would include adult-sized, mature playground equipment that can be used by the young professionals living in this area. It would be a nice place for these young adults to spend their leisure time, a place where people can let off steam and get rid of some stress.

Another idea we had was to transform the area into a grocery store that could be used by the residents living in the district. There aren’t many walkable grocery stores in the surrounding area, so one on this site would make sense and be very suitable for this area. 



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