Maintaining Motivation

After going through this module I found it very helpful. I found some new strategies to have when it comes to studying and doing my work. What I found most useful were distractions. I thought that was helpful because when I’m doing work I get distracted very easily and I need to take that into action when it comes to doing my work. One slide talked about going to a quiet place. I feel like that helps because when I’m around a lot of noise and people I cant focus and do my work so when I got to a quiet place it helps. In the future, I’m going to continue to focus on muy work and getting it down without distractions. I feel like that’s a big factor why I don’t get work done and why I can’t ever finish my work. I get distracted very easily and it’s hard for me to focus when there’s a lot of things going on around me at once.

searching and researching post

After going through this module, the most useful thing I learned was the difference between research
” and “Search” (Slide 10&12) I always thought they were kind of the same thing but just never knew the difference. This slideshow helped be get better background knowledge of the two and it helped me search for a question. Somethings I can put into is how dredit the source. After going through the slide show we had an assignment and we had to answer those types of questions. Being able to get a background on knowing how to credit a source the correct way helped me when I had to answer the question. I was able to look back at the slideshow and it helped. A tip I would give for you students is looking over how to credit the author/source. In college you have to do that on some papers and being able to see how to do it the correct way can be very helpful when typing a paper. So I would go back and look at that for future reference when you’re about to write a paper.

Web Enhanced Reading

After going through this module and going through the assignments I learned the different websites you can use for studying and a variety of different reasons. One of the websites I did was mindmaps. I thought that was useful because it helped me study and put my work together. One thing I really liked is (Slide 13) where it talked about memory. How the process of memory isn’t easy and just because you “Study” something doesn’t mean it actually processed in your head. And in this slide, it talks about the process and how to help. One thing I would use from this module is “Be careful with multitasking” I thought that was true and useful because multitasking is actually good for you in a way. I actually can piggy on that because I multitask so much and it’s funny because my multitasking is not very well. I’m always distracted by my phone or the tv and its hard resisting from them. The advice I would say is to try and work on different study skills and use different tools with that.

Digital Age Blog

The most useful thing I learned from this module is “google it” (Slide 19). This helped me because being able to track my week and seeing what I need to do is very helpful. The calendar helped me in a variety of different ways. It helped me with basketball practice, school, and tutoring. Sometimes I forget but not that I use the calendar it reminds me and tells me times and days ahead of time. Another idea form this module I can use is being able to take out distractions. For me when I’m doing my work I want to do other things like; play video games, talk to friends, use a phone, etc. I think the part where it said the silencing phone (Slide 22) helped. I actually tried it, and it helped in a way. I’m used to look at my phone when it lights up, but since I don’t have notifications on and silenced it my work actually got done. What I would tell you students is I know how it feels and hard when you can’t go on your phone or doing homework in general. But what I would tell you is turning on do not disturb and silencing your phone can really help.

Communicating and Collaborating Blog Post

After this module one thing, I found interesting is the emailing. Different professors like their email set up differently and how they want it. Sometimes it’s annoying but as I think about it it’s very helpful and neat. I like how it’s set up and how it tells you each thing to do. After going through the slide show (Slide 8), I actually had to email my professor so I set it up like that a little bit and it worked really well. I liked how I didn’t have to worry so much about what to add and making sure I add all the right information. After going through this module I want to say using your time wisely and making a calendar is very helpful. I would say that for students because I know how stressful it gets when you have a lot of work and an actual life on top of that. So being able to make an actual calendar and planning out your week/day is very useful. I myself tried to do it many times but I tend to struggle, but as time went on I got the hang of it and its one of the most useful things I do. Just being able to see your day and what your doing can really help. So I would say doing that is a very useful tool.

Communicating and Collaborating (Module 2) ESEPSY

My name is Janai Crooms and this is my first blog. I’ve never done anything like this I’m so used to doing it at discussion or commenting on something. I like this because I can do so many different things and see my own writing. After going through this module I took away a lot, but there was one thing that really stuck with me. Personally, I’m trying to work on managing my time and setting up a calendar for my work. I struggle with doing my work on time and when it needs to be done. I think the time tracking will be helpful because I can see what I’m doing throughout the day and make time for my work. Usually, I don’t write anything down or take note I just try and remember what I need to do and when I need to do it. Which I struggle with because sometimes I don’t even remember what I need to do. I will keep up to date with my time tracking and writing down what I need to do, and as the process continues I think i will do well. As long as I stick to it and not slack I should be fine.